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  • IN C OLO R: The September Newsletter is now available

  • Due to the Labor Day holiday, the BOD meeting and Hamfest meeting will be held at a different location this Saturday. The location for the September’s BOD meeting and Hamfest meeting is:


    8199 Southwest Freeway (next to Channel 2 studios)
    Houston, Texas 77074

    Meeting times are still the same 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

    Once the BOD meeting is finished, the Hamfest meeting will start.




    7:30 PM, Thursday, September 10th, 2015

    421 Eldridge Rd, Sugar Land, 77478, Sugar Land Masonic Lodge


    What is a piece of conductive material stuck in the air used for – Antennas!


    The one thing that you need to make your radio equipment work the best is an antenna. Not just any antenna but one that is designed for the frequency you are operating on. It has to be efficient and sending the signal in the right direction. To understand all of this and how it is done, BVARC’s super antenna master Rick Hiller, W5RH, will show you how to design, use and troubleshoot various antenna designs. This is one meeting you should not miss! 

Upcoming Meetings

September 10th  Antennas – Designing, Using and Troubleshooting Rick Hiller, W5RH
October 8th  Repeater Basics 101  Jeff Scott, W5JSC 
November 12th Elections & Chili Supper   
December 10th  D-Star Alan, Isaachsen, KB2WF
January 15th BVARC Annual Banquet Confirmed
February 11th  Emergency Communications – Go Kit Building Kerry Mallory, AE5JY 




August Meeting Recap – It’s Not Blue Bell – Couldn’t You Tell!


I know it wasn’t Blue Bell but we still had a great turn out. Michael Monsour did his magic in spite of not having the premium ice cream. Over 60 club members came out to enjoy an evening of socializing and eating ice cream. There were also 20 visitors that came in to help round out the feeding frenzy which helped clean out the left over chocolate and vanilla. Michael did a great job and several people won Baofeng hand held radios and Skeeters tickets. It was a great time for everyone.

  • MASONIC LODGE is at 421 Eldridge Road just north of Hwy 90.   (Doors open at 7:00.)

  • The BVARC Board of Directors meetings will be held at Bayland Park 6400 Bissonet in the Bayland Park Community Center in Southwest Houston.. Meetings will be at 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM on the first Saturday of each month.  Members welcome.

  • The club meets every month, usually on the second Thursday (7:30 PM) of the month, at the Masonic Lodge (see above). 

  • Many BVARC members frequent the 146.94 (167.9) repeater

  • BVARC sponsors a HF net on Wednesday nights. It meets on 3910 +/- 3 khz. This net is allows each member to comment on current events and includes club announcements. The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club is a public service club serving Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston. The club was founded in 1978 and has been active in social events, license classes, administering amateur radio license tests. It provides support for city and county emergency management communication operations. Members provide support for many charitable events such as walks and bike rides.

  • Anyone wishing to contribute to the repair and upgrade of the 146.94 repeater may use the Paypal link in the right window on this page.



This Week in Ham Radio - Today is : Friday Sep 04, 2015

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04  Fri 
05  Sat 
MEETING Board of Directors Meeting - Monthly Meeting  
MEETING HAMFEST Meeting - 12:00 to 2:00 pm just after the BOD meeting  
EATS CW OPS CW Open - Go to web site for more info  
06  Sun 
07  Mon 
NET BVARC VHF Net - 146.940 MHz minus offset, 167.9 tone  
NET BVARC Monday Night Net - Meets at 8 PM Mondays on 146.94 FM  
08  Tue 
09  Wed 
NET BVARC HF Rag Chew Net - 3910 Khz at 7 PM every Wednesday - Great info net.  
10  Thu 
MEETING BVARC General Meeting - 7:30 pm at Sugar Land Masonic Lodge  
11  Fri 
BVARC Board of Directors:
President Bill Stone, WS5H - Recent SK
Vice-President Mike Hardwick, N5VCX n5vcx@att.net
Treasurer Bob Tomlinson, N5JSL rbtswim@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary Stephanie Vessey, K5SFV K5SFV@att.net 
Recording Secretary Michael Monsour, AC0TX msircg@gmail.con
2-Yr at-Large Jerry Muller, K9GEM GMuller885@aol.com
2-Yr at-Large Scott Medbury, KD5FBA smedbury@windstream.net
1 Yr at-Large Darrell Kirk, KC5JAR darrellk_us@yahoo.com

Real People to Contact:

Learning Things - Club Elmers Ross Lawler, W5HFF, Club "Elmer" w5hff@yahoo.com 281-342-3340
Randy Pugh, AA5OA, Club "Elmer" rettveng@gmail.com 832-589-2741
Club Things Nathan Vessey N5NYV, Membership Chairman n5nyv@att.net 832-603-1535
Newsletter Things John Chauvin, K5IZO, Editor k5izo@yahoo.com
VE Testing Things John Moore, KK5NU, VE Liaison jwm@hal-pc.org
Web Things Eddie Runner, NU5K web@bvarc.org 713-569-8799
Hamfest Things Nathan Vessey N5NYV, Hamfest Chairman n5nyv@att.net 832-603-1535
Everything Else Things Cameron Mitchell, K5CAM mitchl@mitchl.net 281-565-4665


Latest Member Upgrades, Changes or Renewals

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Les Jones  W5KRN lesintex AT swbell.net  SK   LIFE MEMBER 
Roy E. Storey  W5TKZ rstorey1940 AT gmail.com    2016/09/01 
Donald G. Johnson  W4LDN cw4djohnson AT gmail.com    2016/02/01 
Sidney Sherwood  N5ZKD n5zkd AT arrl.net    LIFE MEMBER 
Irv Smith  KK5QQ kk5qq AT aol.com    2016/11/01 
Jane Smith  janebow AT aol.com    2016/11/01 
Clyde McMeans  W5MCM cemcme AT outdrs.net    2016/10/01 
Rob McClure  KC5RET KC5RET AT gmail.com    2016/09/01 
DAN VILLALANTI  KF5WCU villalanti AT earthlink.net    LIFE MEMBER 
Ralph Cheek  KL7AX ralphcheek42 AT gmail.com    LIFE MEMBER 
GARY SITTON  K5AMH gasitton AT comcast.net    2016/09/01 
Robert B. Tomlinson  N5JSL rbtswim AT gmail.com    2016/08/01 
Sharon Tomlinson  KF5HUF rbtswim AT gmail.com    2016/08/01 
Larry Burns  K5LKB lartex13-ham AT yahoo.com    2016/08/01 
Jose Cantor  KF5ZAC jcantor AT mcmanagement.com    2016/08/01 
Terry Leatherland  K5PGF k5pgf AT yahoo.com    2016/07/01 
Ravi Ratnala  KF5YHP Ratnala100 AT indexsolutions.com    2015/10/01 
Norma Stone  KE5NDN     2015/11/01 
Tom Morton  W5TOM tom AT w5tom.com    2016/08/01 
Fred McLean  W0FCM     2015/09/01 - click to renew 


Membership Expiration Reminders

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Thomas W. Graves  K5TWG  twg AT am-law.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
William Wheeless  AE5SA  williamwheeless AT gmail.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
Weston Wheeless    williamwheeless AT gmail.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
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Robin Bayer  KA5QQA  rmbayer62 AT gmail.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
Bryce Lindsay  KG5AAV  kg5aav AT isorg.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
AL BAYER  W5AEB  rmbayer62 AT gmail.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
Thomas Stanley  N5YS  thomaslstanley AT gmail.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
Robert Owens  KF5ZBV  rbt_owens AT hotmail.com  2015/07/01  - click to renew 
Kenneth Stevens  WX5YZ  cat9tails AT gmail.com  2015/08/01  - click to renew 
William Schleppegrell  AE5YY  wschleppegrell AT gmail.com  2015/08/01  - click to renew 
Adele Mirshak    cat9tails AT gmail.com  2015/08/01  - click to renew 
Jim Burrough  N5DTT  n5dtt AT arrl.net  2015/09/01  - click to renew 
Sandra Gottlieb  KC5IWL  two-hams AT comcast.net  2015/09/01  - click to renew 
Steve Gottlieb  WA5OEN  two-hams AT comcast.net  2015/09/01  - click to renew 
Rick Hiller  W5RH  rhiller AT sdicgm.com  2015/09/01  - click to renew 
G. David Waddell  N5GDW  dwaddell AT swbell.net  2015/09/01  - click to renew 
Fred McLean  W0FCM    2015/09/01  - click to renew 
Lillian McLean  KN5LRM    2015/09/01  - click to renew 
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