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  • Makers Faire - Saturday Nov 14, 2015 George R Brown BVARC will be making an appearance It will be Ron Litt, Stephanie, Nathan and Glen Jenkins WB4KTF. Glenn and Nathan will be speaking. Nathans talk is about general ham radio hobby. Glenn is presenting on amateur radio electronics kits. .. Let's all go!!


    7:30 PM, Thursday, November 12th, 2015

    421 Eldridge Rd, Sugar Land, 77478, Sugar Land Masonic Lodge


    What time is it? It’s Time for Chili and the Club Elections!


    It is that time of the year again – chili supper and elections. Both are important for the club’s survival. The chili supper provides club members with nourishment (some people call it that) while the elections provides the club with leadership and direction. Without one or the other the club will die (I am stretching the point on the chili supper). Without club members taking a leadership for the club, BVARC will become like so many amateur radio clubs across Houston and the US…gone. So many clubs are on life support in one form or another or just barely making it. So step up and volunteer for the board of directors for BVARC and help the club survive.


    I bet most of you have always wondered what a repeaters looks like


    I bet the title through you off since the program was changed at last minute. I thought I would just get your attention with the wrong title.

    For the ones that did make it to the meeting, you know we had an excellent presentation on the voice radio system for the Texas Department of Transportation - TxDOT. Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW, state technical manager for TxDOT explained how the radio system operates for state’s transportation system. He explained all the details of the system as well as some other systems. There is one item that needed correcting from his presentation – there are 900 to 1200 users per each cellular telephone tower site.


Upcoming Meetings


Mark your calendars for upcoming BVARC meetings. I know you would not want to miss the meetings.   

November 12th            Elections & Chili Supper                               Rick Hiller, W5RH for elections

                                                                                                            Michael Monsour, AC0TX for chili

December 10th            D-Star                                                             Alan Isaachsen, KB2WF

January 15th, 2016       BVARC Annual Banquet                               Ron Litt, K5HM

February 11th, 2016    Emergency Communications – Go Kit Info  Kerry Mallory, AE5JY

We need more ideas for club meetings. If there is something you would to know more about, Let me know and I will try and arrange it for one of the general meetings.



  • The BVARC Board of Directors meetings will be held at Bayland Park 6400 Bissonet in the Bayland Park Community Center in Southwest Houston.. Meetings will be at 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM on the first Saturday of each month.  Members welcome.

  • The club meets every month, usually on the second Thursday (7:30 PM) of the month, at the Masonic Lodge (see above). 

  • Many BVARC members frequent the 146.94 (167.9) repeater

  • BVARC sponsors a HF net on Wednesday nights. It meets on 3910 +/- 3 khz. This net is allows each member to comment on current events and includes club announcements. The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club is a public service club serving Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston. The club was founded in 1978 and has been active in social events, license classes, administering amateur radio license tests. It provides support for city and county emergency management communication operations. Members provide support for many charitable events such as walks and bike rides.

  • Anyone wishing to contribute to the repair and upgrade of the 146.94 repeater may use the Paypal link in the right window on this page.


This Week in Ham Radio - Today is : Saturday Nov 28, 2015

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NET BVARC Monday Night Net - Meets at 8 PM Mondays on 146.94 FM  
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NET BVARC HF Rag Chew Net - 3910 Khz at 7 PM every Wednesday - Great info net.  
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MEETING Board of Directors Meeting - Monthly Meeting  
BVARC Board of Directors:
President Mike Hardwick, N5VCX (Acting) n5vcx@att.net
Treasurer Donovan Balli, KG5BDZ dballimail.com 
Corresponding Secretary Stephanie Vessey, K5SFV K5SFV@att.net 
Recording Secretary Michael Monsour, AC0TX msircg@gmail.con
2-Yr at-Large Jerry Muller, K9GEM GMuller885@aol.com
2-Yr at-Large Scott Medbury, KD5FBA smedbury@windstream.net
1 Yr at-Large Darrell Kirk, KC5JAR darrellk_us@yahoo.com

Real People to Contact:

Learning Things - Club Elmers Ross Lawler, W5HFF, Club "Elmer" w5hff@yahoo.com 281-342-3340
Randy Pugh, AA5OA, Club "Elmer" rettveng@gmail.com 832-589-2741
Club Things Nathan Vessey N5NYV, Membership Chairman n5nyv@att.net 832-603-1535
Newsletter Things John Chauvin, K5IZO, Editor k5izo@yahoo.com
VE Testing Things John Moore, KK5NU, VE Liaison jwm@hal-pc.org
Web Things Eddie Runner, NU5K web@bvarc.org 713-569-8799
Hamfest Things Nathan Vessey N5NYV, Hamfest Chairman n5nyv@att.net 832-603-1535
Everything Else Things Cameron Mitchell, K5CAM mitchl@mitchl.net 281-565-4665


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Mark McGrath  N5VCM mark AT mcgrath-co.com    2016/11/01 
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David L. Northcutt  WB5KLH davidlnorthcutt AT comcast.net    2016/11/01 
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Sandra Gottlieb  KC5IWL two-hams AT comcast.net    2016/11/01 
Steve Gottlieb  WA5OEN two-hams AT comcast.net    2016/11/01 
Clint Davidson  KF5HDF kf5hdf AT gmail.com    2016/11/01 
Lorena Fawcett  KF5PPH ronald.fawcett AT comcast.net    2016/11/01 
Michael Donoghue  KG5BMS kg5bms AT gmail.com    2016/11/01 
James Daniel Calahan  KE5CUF jimbofbs AT gmail.com    2016/11/01 
Raul Aldape  KE5FAH ke5fah AT hotmail.com    2016/11/01 
Holly McKee  KE5WOU nt5sm AT arrl.net    2016/10/01 
Scott McKee  NT5SM nt5sm AT arrl.net    2016/10/01 
Mark Braun  W5THC tejano714 AT icloud.com    2016/07/01 
Eric Varnado  KF5HDR Kf5hdr AT ymail.com    LIFE MEMBER 


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