BVARC Ice Cream Social
A BVARC tradition – Second Thursday In August

BVARC Ice Cream Social

BVARC Ice Cream Social


All you can eat

Great event for August

Blue Bell is Back!

Ice Cream makes people Happy!

All You can Eat

Large Monthly Club Meetings

Ham Radio License Testing

On The Air

Sunset at a Ham Radio event

Many Good Eating events!

Operating from the Submarine! Museum Ship Weekend

BVARC Operating Events

Tracking Ham Radio Balloons

Operating Event

All night Club Event

Field Day Setup

Annual Hamfest

BVARC puts on a big hamfest every year

Ice Cream Social

Ham Radio Balloon Launch

Setting Up Antennas for an event

Eating Schedule

Saturday Breakfast

7:00a.m., SW Freeway inbound service road, near Kirkwood.

Wednesday Lunch

10:30a.m. to 12:00Noon +, South Post Oak Road, just south of the I-610 Loop in Meyer Park Shopping Center.

11:30a.m., SW corner Westheimer  at Gessner.

Texas City Hamfest July 10th 2021 :

One of the best little ham fests in Texas is happening on July 10th 2021.  The world-renowned Texas City Ham Fest takes place at its' usual haunt.Info at:

Table and Registration form at: 


Simplex Net  :
 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 7 pm on 146.540 MHz simplex (w/o tones and an alternate frequency of 147.540 MHz). 


BVARC General Membership Meeting: John Thurmond, K5JBT talks Arduino
Come learn how the Arduino microcontroller can do more than blink lights or control garage doors.  Make sure you have your questions for John on Arduino applications in ham radio.

Board of Directors Meetings
Saturday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
(Meetings will be held via ZOOM unless notified otherwise)

7-10-2021   8-7-2021    9-11-2021        10-9-2021       
11-6-2021  12-4-2021

VE Testing
Saturday 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM – Bayland Community Center
Testing will be held in Person – Mask Required (unless notified otherwise)
Must contact Mark Janzer to Schedule

 7-10-2021        8-7-2021          9-11-2021        10-9-2021   
11-6-2021        12-4-2021

General Meeting
Thursday 7:00 PM to 9:00 pm
(Meetings will be held via ZOOM unless notified otherwise)


7-8-2021          8-12-2021        9-9-2021          10-14-2021     
11-11-2021      12-9-2021


 BVARC Training and Education – Open to All Members and Non-Members
Saturday 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Bayland Community Center Mask Required (unless notified otherwise)

Must contact Mark Janzer to Schedule       

7-24-2021       8-21-2021       9-25-2021       10-23-2021     
11-20-2021      12-18-2021

About BVARC  :
BVARC hits 300+ Members -- Now the largest club in Texas

Newest Life Members  :

Mary Ann Pearce - KB5MVL
JC Luppens - KG5BBF
Brian Shircliffe - AD5OS
Ronald Bosch - KE4DRF
Keith Till - KG5MHF
Pete Norris - KJ5SS

Recent Silent Keys :

Clint Gilliland - N5FNA - SK
Beth Brown - N5PKW - SK
Andy MacAllister - W5ACM - SK
Tom Matthews - K5SAF - SK
Bud King - K5CEK - SK
Richard Hagerman - WB5SRN - SK

Club General Meetings

The club meets every month, usually on the second Thursday (7:30 PM) of the month, at the Sugar Land Imperial Park Recreation Center 234 Matladge Way, Sugarland TX 77478
Everyone Welcome

Business Meetings

The BVARC (Business Meetings) Board of Directors meetings will be held at Bayland Park 6400 Bissonnet in the Bayland Park Community Center in Southwest Houston.. Meetings will be at 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM on the Saturday before the second Thursday of each month.
All Members welcome

Stir Crazy Net

Every day Mon-Fri at noon (12pm) on the 146.94 repeater is the now famous STIR CRAZY NET.  

Monday Night Net

Every Monday 8PM on 146.94 repeater.  

Wednesday Night Net

Rag chew net has been every Wed night at 7PM for decades... 3910 KHz +/-   


Eddie - NU5K