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BVARC “Under 15” CW Net

“KIF -- Keep it Fun    Keep it Simple-- KISS”

Tuesday Evenings    7PM local time
3.550 MHz

(No longer active.)


.......See the article in the August BVARC Newsletter


The net is for all hams: CW wiz’s, casual users and, more importantly, those that have not used CW at all.   The code speed will be slow – under 15 WPM.

  Week to week changes will be posted on the BVARC Listserve, so sign up now at  


NET PROTOCOL --  at 1900 Hrs local time: NCS (net control station) will send a 3 minute preamble (“QST, QST.....”)

NCS then asks for check-ins with “QNI? QNI? BK”  [QNI = any check-ins?]

You send your full call

NCS will respond to individual stations with  “(your call) R R BK”

If you are acknowledged, you are checked in –  just stand-by

Keep sending your call after each QNI? until you’re acknowledged by NCS.

NC will take all check-ins, then go down the list.

NCS will send   “(ur call) QTT QTT BK”   [QTT= your Turn to Talk]

You then send a short message to the net at a speed below 15 wpm, please.

NC will acknowledge your transmission and tell the next station “QTT BK”

After all check-ins ‘send’, NC sends a short message and the post-amble

End of net.


WEB PAGE -- Over time, we will add to this web page all of the net details, like scripts for pre-amble and post amble, antenna designs, freeware software CW keyers and readers links, etc.  A sample pre-amble can be downloaded (mp3) and listened to ahead of time.  All meant, so that you can practice receiving it before hand and be prepared for the net.



  The CW Net mission statement is the same as the hamfest 
S-KIF  --   Keep it Simple and Keep it FUN!


preamble (mp3)

Questions or Antenna requests  to Rick – W5RH   at rhiller@sdicgm.com


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