Monday Night Net Procedures & Script

The Purpose of the Monday Night Net:
This is a BVARC supported and run 2 Meter Net on a very popular local repeater 146.94. All hams are welcome and are invited to check in. It is an information net to spread important club and Ham Radio news, tell hams about BVARC and BVARC web site and BVARC activities. And to inform folks how to join BVARC. Stations that are portable, mobile or fixed will be checking in. Some will stay around for the whole net, whereas others just wish to “check in and out” for the sake of a radio check and a listing on the net log. Again, all stations are welcome to be a part of the net or just a listing in the log.

Directives for the NCS station:
1.  THANK YOU for taking the time to perform this very important job. The club appreciates it but so do the stations checking in. Keep in mind that this might be the first time these hams get on the air. So help them make the most of it.

Prior to the net:

  • Select one or two ham radio topics for discussion on the net or have an open ended discussion that is ham related. They can be how-to questions, ham radio news related or about an upcoming club activity, DX or band conditions. As long as it is relevant to the hobby.
  • Please check the latest club newsletter for updates or information that you need for tonight’s net. i.e. club meeting dates and times, topics information, breaking news, contests, elections, how to join BVARC etc.:
  • Read the script below before the net to become familiar with how the net is conducted. You do not have to follow the script word for word. Relax, this is a hobby. We do this for fun and enjoyment.

2. Net start time is 8 PM. It is your choice to take early check-ins.

3. Log all checkins whether in for the duration of the net or just a check in (in and out) for the log. After the net, e-mail the count of check-ins to Mike N5VCX at

Net Script (Green is NCS fill-in – Red is instructions)

QST, QST, QST This is (Name and Call Sign), net control operator for this evenings edition of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club net for the Houston area. This net meets every Monday evening on this repeater at 8 pm local time to discuss topics related to amateur radio and the club. This is a directed net and all calls will go through net control. The repeater frequency is: 146.94 MHz (- offset / PL tone 167.9). The agenda for tonight’s net will be check-ins, announcements, followed by a general discussion. The discussion topic for tonight is (list the topic or topics for tonight {one or two are sufficient}).

I will pause periodically for late check-ins. I will now take check-ins from mobile stations only. Please give your name and call sign slowly and phonetically and signify if you have any traffic or announcements for tonight’s net. Mobile stations only, please come now: (Give all the mobile stations a chance to check –in). Log the calls and names and traffic. Pause
every 3 – 5 check-ins and read back the last call signs to confirm. You will need them during the discussion.)

All other stations please come now. Please give your call sign slowly and phonetically, give your name and signify if you have any traffic or announcements. (Log all stations. Pause every 3 – 5 check-ins and read back the last call signs to confirm. You will need them during the discussion.)

I will now proceed to announcements (Call each station with announcements individually, until all stations with announcements have been recognized. Then….) 

This is (CALL SIGN) net control station for the BVARC net with the following additional announcements: The BVARC general meeting is held at 7:00 pm on the second
Thursday of each month. Currently, meetings are held in person at the Community Volunteer Fire Station #4 at 16005 Bellaire Blvd. Houston, TX 77083 and via Zoom and I want to encourage anyone interested in ham radio to attend. The (month) general meeting will be on (date) and will have a presentations about (topic). This month’s meeting Zoom sign on is shown on the BVARC web site or on the Reflector, before the meeting.

Club members gather informally each Saturday for breakfast at the IHOP, 12725 Southwest Freeway, Stafford, TX 77477 beginning at 6:30 AM. 

(Optional) This week, the following contests and special events will take place: (The Net Admin will get info from the Radio Sport Coordinator of upcoming events for the
coming week. These can also be found in the club newsletter. You can also check the information in the newsletter or on the web page under “contest calendar” to provide information on important upcoming radio sports events.)

License Examination sessions are held monthly at the Bayland Park Community Center. The current test fee is $15.00 (???) – Visit to see the dates of
the Saturday test sessions. Click on “Ham Radio Testing” on the left side of the page for contact info and details on what you need to bring with you. Folks can join Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club on the website , you can also update your information like address change or call sign change on the bvarc website. BVARC.ORG

I will now standby for any additional stations with or without traffic that wish to check in. Please give your call sign slowly and phonetically and indicate whether you have any traffic. (Record any new stations repeat the discussion topic for tonight. Call each station on the list of all stations that have checked in.)

It is time for tonight’s discussion. (Net Control might wish to begin by offering up his/her explanation or opinion on the topic to get the discussion started. Then begin a roll-call of the stations that are checked-in for their comments.

(Call sign), please give your name and any comments you have for the net. (After completing the roll Net Control may wish to ask for any follow up comments). This is (Call Sign), net control operator for the BVARC Monday night net.

I will now standby for any late check-ins for tonight’s net. (Take check-ins) (Call sign), please give your name and any comments you have for the net. With no additional traffic or comments for the net, this is (Name and Call Sign), Net control operator for this evening’s edition of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club net. There were (# of checkins)_check-ins for tonight’s net. I would like to thank Robert Polinski (KD5YVQ) for the use of the KG5EEO repeater for tonight’s Net. I also want to thank everyone who has checked in for tonight’s net. I am now returning the use of this repeater to normal amateur radio use. This is (Name and Call Sign) 73!.