Stir Crazy Net Script

Opening the Net


QST QST QST This is [YOUR CALLSIGN] net control station for the BVARC Stir Crazy Net. This net is meant for the enjoyment of all amateur radio licensees and is a public service of the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club. This net meets each weekday, Monday through Friday, at 12 noon local time on the frequency of 146.94 MHz (PL tone of 167.9). All amateur radio operators are encouraged to meet with us starting at noon each weekday.

This is an informal net, and is conducted for the fun and enjoyment of all amateur radio operators in the greater Houston metropolitan area. The only thing that net control will be responsible for is listing check-in’s and giving each member their turn to contribute to the net. Check-in’s may call other stations directly during their turn without going through net control.

To check in, please say callsign slowly and phonetically along with your name a QTH (Location)

This repeater has a three minute timer.  If you don’t drop before that three minute timer is up the repeater may drop your transmission and some of your transmission may be lost. You can also set your radio to have a three minute timer as well.  

This is [YOUR CALLSIGN] and my name is [YOUR NAME]. I am located in [YOUR CITY], Texas. The Stir Crazy Net is now open for check-ins.

Don’t forget to mention BVARC Membership!  Join on the website.
Always check the website for BVARC NEWS..

Closing the Net

I would like to remind all members about the BVARC Monday Night Net on this repeater, 146.94 MHz each Monday evening at 8 PM local time and, the BVARC Rag Chew Net each Wednesday evening at 7 PM local time on 3910 kHz (plus or -3 KHz) with early check-in starting around 6:20 PM. 


This net was brought to you by the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club. If you want to join the club or renew your membership you can do so on the website.

Today we had 15 check-in’s. I want to thank all the members who checked into the net and encourage you to meet with us each weekday, Monday through Friday, at 12 noon local time. I want to thank Robert Polinski KD5YVQ, for the use of the 146.94 repeater. This is [YOUR CALLSIGN] returning this repeater and all linked repeaters back to normal amateur use. I had a great time guys, hope you did too….73!