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Eddie – NU5k

Eating Schedule

Saturday Breakfast

7:00a.m., SW Freeway inbound service road, near Kirkwood.

Wednesday Lunch

10:30a.m. to 12:00Noon +, South Post Oak Road, just south of the I-610 Loop in Meyer Park Shopping Center.

11:30a.m., SW corner Westheimer at Gessner.

IN COLOR The  May newsletter is available.

BVARC MAY GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Thursday, May 10, 2018 7:30pm, 421 Eldridge

Prep for Museum ships and field day

Also at the general meeting, Museum Ships Weekend sign-up. Mark Janzer, K5MGJ will be at the meeting answering your questions and getting everything lined up for the mobilization day on May 19th and the event on June 1st through the 3rd. Even with Mark and Julie’s “life in a blender” right now, Mark will be working hard for a great MSWE.

And last but not least, Field Day. It is just around the corner and everything is moving forward quickly. Scott Medbury, KD5FBA is running the show for BVARC so let him know you are ready to help him to make Field Day a great event. Again this year Field Day is a combination of four clubs – Brazos Valley ARC, TDXS, ECHO and Katy Amateur Radio Society. With all four groups and the new location (I will let Scott tell everyone about it), this should become one of the best Field Day’s yet.

So come on out to the general meeting. Bring a friend, bring a relative, even bring an enemy and enjoy the fun.


Here are the rules:

As the operator scheduling person for Field Day this year, I have decided to try something different. A link will be provided on both the BVARC and TDXS reflectors at 8pm Wednesday night. The rules are:

1. Operating slots will be 1 hour.
2. Operators will be able to select up to three (3) contiguous slots on the same band/mode.
3. Operators will be able to select up to six (6) slots per day, prior to The Event, providing Rule #2 is observed. This will allow for more operators to sign up in more slots.
4. Once a slot is selected, I will lock it in asap (no additional editing) unless an email is sent directly to me to delete it.
5. You must be at your assigned operating slot 15 minutes in advance, or it may be open to anyone else.
6. At the end of your assigned operating slot, please relinquish it to the next operator; if that operator does not show up, you may continue to operate.
7. If during your operating slot, you decide you want to quit, please try to find another operator to fill in the rest of the slot.
8. The online schedule will be closed Friday, June 22, 2018 at 4:00 pm CDT.
9. The online schedule will be printed out and brought to the Field Day site Saturday, June 23. Operators may choose any open slots by manually writing their call in that slot.
10. Any unclaimed operating slots after the start of Field Day will be open for grabs.
11. Any scheduling issues/questions will be settled by N5XZ or KD5FBA.

In the interest of allowing all who wish to operate to do so, I think this is the best approach. Remember, if it is not your turn, there may be an open slot available elsewhere. I urge you to fill those in if you would still like to be active. I expect fewer open operating slots during the day and more at night. The goal also is to keep ALL stations operating continuously throughout the 24 hour period. (Note: if you have not tried RTTY contesting, it is a hoot! Just ask Glen or me to show you how easy it is!). Please feel free to operate multiple bands and modes.
The ultimate goal is to keep ALL stations active throughout the full 24 hour period!

Please respond to me alone (not to the group) and feel free to email or call me if you have any questions or concerns. Please cross-post this to distribution systems for KARS and Echo. Hopefully, this will also be posted in newsletters by all groups.
This is the first time I have tried Google Sheets online, so hopefully there won’t be any major glitches. Please let me know asap if there are. Note also that any changes and fixes will have to be done in the evening or weekends as I may not have access to the spreadsheet during weekdays.

Allen R. Brier N5XZ

NOTE: Dates for 2018 Board of Directors Meetings will be listed here as I get them

Monday Night Net

Public Service Net
Monday night on 146.94 (167.9) at 8:00 PM

Wednesday Night Net

Rag Chew Net
3910 KHz +/-3KHz Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Bvarc Meetings

Club General Meetings

The club meets every month, usually on the second Thursday (7:30 PM) of the month, at the Sugar Land Masonic Lodge 421 Eldridge Rd, Sugarland TX 77478

Board Meetings

Business Meetings

The BVARC (Business Meetings) Board of Directors meetings will be held at Bayland Park 6400 Bissonnet in the Bayland Park Community Center in Southwest Houston.. Meetings will be at 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM on the Saturday before the second Thursday of each month.
All Members welcome